A Bit More About Me…

I’m a full-time mum to my son and daughter, and my writing¬†very much¬†fits in around them!

I’ve written since I was little, and after a few aborted attempts I started to take my writing more seriously last year. I’ve written some short stories, entered some competitions, and basically tried my hand at anything to see what I felt most comfortable with.

Currently I’m writing a light-hearted novel, A Perfect Mess, which follows the adventures of my heroine Emma Flint in 1815 as she attempts to deal with life, boys and an impossibly perfect sister while solving a mystery involving an imposter, a murder and a man on the run. I’ve also got some short stories available – see the My Work page.

My alter ego is a podcast which is over at In The Wishing Chair and focuses on writing children’s books. It’ll feature interviews with a wide range of people connected with writing for children, including publishers, established authors, debut authors and aspiring ones like me. It’s live now and also available through iTunes.

I’ve had a fairly busy life so far, and I think my top 3 writing tips are these:

1. Don’t waste experiences – file them away and make use of them later

2. Notice the detail – what idiosyncrasies do people have? Details make people more real, places more vivid, emotions more powerful.

3. Don’t be afraid to try things – new styles, new formats, new genres. Never say never. Be awake to every opportunity!